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CTC Technology & Energy Reduces Carbon Footprint with Solar Array

CTC Technology & Energy’s investment in solar energy is showing results. The company’s 12.48 kilowatt (DC) rooftop photovoltaic array has produced more than 9 megawatt-hours of energy since it was activated this summer. The energy savings is enough to power 298 houses for a day, and offsets CTC Technology & Energy’s carbon footprint by 6.23 tons, or the equivalent of 160 trees.

CTC Technology & Energy completed installing the solar array at its headquarters office in Kensington, MD in May. With the capacity to produce tens of thousands of watt-hours of energy per day, the solar power source will significantly reduce CTC Technology & Energy’s power grid usage.

The system interfaces with the electrical grid through a “net metering” system, where solar power replaces what would otherwise be drawn from the grid. When more solar power is generated than consumed, the surplus is exported back to the grid.

Published: Friday, November 30, 2012 by CTC Technology & Energy