CTC to Support Broadband Planning Efforts in Bloomington, IN

The City of Bloomington, IN has selected CTC Technology & Energy to support the City’s efforts to develop ubiquitous, Gigabit-class broadband in Bloomington. We will collaborate with City staff and other stakeholders to facilitate a one-day public symposium and related communications materials on the value of next-generation infrastructure. This effort will supplement our analysis of the local broadband market, and foster engagement with a range of public and private stakeholders. CTC’s analysts and engineers will also assess the City’s existing assets, prepare a competitive assessment of broadband services, benchmark the City’s broadband availability, and develop high-level engineering and cost estimates. Additionally, our team will develop and administer a request for information to gauge public-sector interest in partnering with the City to achieve its broadband goals.

Published: Saturday, January 30, 2016 by CTC Technology & Energy