CTC Technology & Energy Launches Comprehensive Study of Kansas Broadband

The State of Kansas has tapped CTC Technology & Energy to perform a study of broadband availability and use throughout the state. The Kansas Statewide Broadband Initiative (KSBI), part of the Kansas Department of Commerce, initiated the project as part of its mission to better understand the broadband landscape in the state and help expand broadband access and adoption.

The comprehensive project will include surveys of broadband connectivity among residents, businesses, and community anchor institutions (CAI). CTC Technology & Energy and the Department of Commerce launched the first of these surveys this week, sending questionnaires to over 900 schools, libraries and hospitals. This CAI study will help CTC Technology & Energy develop a separate assessment of the ongoing needs of Kansas’s existing public networking program. The final reports will include recommendations on the best strategies to increase broadband adoption and utilization across the state by residents, businesses and community institutions alike.

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by CTC Technology & Energy