CTC Begins Market Research Study on Fiber Connectivity in San Francisco

The City and County of San Francisco has awarded CTC Technology & Energy phase two of the Community Fiber to the Premises Feasibility Study. CTC Technology & Energy conducted the groundbreaking phase one of the study in 2006. CTC Technology & Energy will conduct in-depth market research of both the residential and business markets in San Francisco to estimate market potential for very high-speed voice, video, and data networking over an open, competitive fiber optic infrastructure. This market research is now underway and will include surveys, interviews, and focus group meetings during the next several weeks.

“The outcome of our research will enable San Francisco to quantify and understand the need and desire for very high-speed fiber networking in the community,” stated Joanne Hovis, President of CTC Technology & Energy. “The data that we gather will allow us to update phase one network cost assumptions and will assist San Francisco in the development of marketing strategies to attract potential private-sector partners or lessees on the network.”

Published: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 by CTC Technology & Energy