Arlington County, Virginia Announces Dark Fiber for Business Customers

Arlington County, Virginia announced the next step in the development of its visionary ConnectArlington fiber network. Over the next year, the county plans to make dark fiber available for lease by businesses—offering “the highest levels of security to provide unprecedented opportunities for secure collaboration with the nation’s top defense and research agencies, including the Pentagon.”

CTC has supported the county throughout the development of the ConnectArlington project, including with network design and business planning services. We are currently managing the network construction.

CTC Technology & Energy developed the business plan and strategy for the County’s fiber leasing initiative, and is currently preparing an RFP for the County’s use in selecting a fiber broker. This third-party broker innovation is the first of its kind among public entities in the United States.

More details on the ConnectArlington plans are available at the county’s website.

Published: Saturday, April 5, 2014 by CTC Technology & Energy