The Internet Society Releases a Guide to Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities

CTC is proud to have supported the Internet Society—a global nonprofit that advocates for a strong internet and global internet growth—in its development of a Guide to Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities in the United States.

The impetus for this funding guide grew out of recommendations developed at the Internet Society’s 2019 Indigenous Connectivity Summit. Participants asked the Internet Society to create a centralized database of funding opportunities, eligibility, and information to support the growth of indigenous-led broadband deployment projects.

This work comes at a point in time when more attention and dollars are being put toward broadband infrastructure than ever before. The guide is one of many resources that the Internet Society provides to empower internet initiatives spearheaded “by the community, for the community.” Find the full guide on the Internet Society’s website here.

Published: Friday, May 7, 2021 by CTC Technology & Energy