SiFi Announces New Open Access Fiber Network in Fullerton, California

All of us at CTC congratulate our friends at SiFi Networks, Ting Internet, and Gigabit Now on their announcement of an open-access fiber-to-the-premises network deployment in Fullerton, California.

The agreement announced earlier this month includes a citywide fiber network to be constructed by SiFi Networks; retail broadband services to be provided by Ting Internet and GigabitNow; and private capital to be provided by the Smart City Infrastructure Fund (managed by Whitehelm Capital).

With construction set to begin in May—and services potentially available by the end of the year—Ting and GigabitNow have both announced that they will offer symmetrical gigabit services over SiFi’s network in Fullerton for $79 per month.

This creative open access project represents a bold test of how to create competition over robust fiber networks. Kudos to SiFi for its perseverance in promoting this exciting new model—we look forward to seeing the results.

Joanne Hovis

Published: Friday, April 26, 2019 by CTC Technology & Energy