New Mexico Broadband Program Publishes Broadband for Businesses Study

This document is the result of the New Mexico Broadband Program’s request for CTC to create an actionable roadmap that provides recommendations for improving access to affordable and reliable broadband services for businesses in support of economic development. CTC previously prepared a preliminary report in late 2016 discussing tools and recommendations for both State and local government policymakers regarding expanding gigabit broadband facilities to businesses.

This report elaborates on those insights by evaluating the current broadband infrastructure available at business locations in the State and develops a range of strategies for improving the broadband services to underserved areas. Further, it identifies the range of State and local entities that would likely be involved in the implementation of new broadband facilities.

Read the report, “The New Mexico Broadband Program, Broadband for Businesses Study,” here.

Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 by CTC Technology & Energy