Improving In-building Wireless Coverage – and Public–Private Collaboration

We are proud to announce that the District of Columbia’s in-building wireless project has been recognized as one of “the most innovative uses of technology in government” by the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC).

Working with CTC, the District government plans to deploy enhanced in-building wireless coverage in up to 80 buildings over four years. The program is designed to serve the capacity and coverage requirements of both the District’s emergency responders’ systems and the commercial cellular carrier networks.

The District government has established best practices in serving its own needs, while improving communications for its residents and expanding options for commercial service providers. The program is a model for enabling cost-effective and rapid deployment by wireless carriers in large buildings.

CTC Principal Engineer Shawn Thompson is representing CTC and the District at ACT-IAC’s “Igniting Innovation 2016 Showcase & Awards” today. A nationally recognized expert on wireless communications, Shawn leads the CTC team that has worked closely with the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer for more than two years to design and implement the in-building wireless project.

Shawn is presenting the work his team has done for the District, demonstrating that the District has been able to work with the major wireless service providers to incent private investment in government buildings to improve coverage and public safety communications.

Our kudos to Shawn and his team on this tremendous work and the innovative public–private collaboration he has helped to foster on behalf of the District.

Published: Monday, April 25, 2016 by CTC Technology & Energy