Congratulations to Moline, IL, for entering an agreement that will bring fiber broadband competition to residents with no financial subsidy from the city

David Talbot, Director of Research Services

CTC congratulates the City of Moline, IL, on its December 13 City Council vote to enter into a fiber broadband development agreement with Metronet. The company will now construct a fiber optic network throughout the city and deliver up to 10 Gbps internet service to homes and businesses– providing high-speed broadband competition with the local cable company, Mediacom.

The agreement, which requires no financial contribution from the city, represented a win-win outcome whereby the city achieved its broadband goals and Metronet, based in Evansville, IN, was able to secure the opportunity to build along the city’s rights-of-way cost effectively, with the city as a facilitator.

CTC was pleased to support Moline in drafting the RFP seeking fiber providers and evaluating the initial responses, which ultimately led to the selection of Metronet and the subsequent negotiation process between the city and the company.

City Administrator Bob Vitas and Mayor Sangeetha Rayapati say the agreement delivers on an element of the City Council’s strategic plan to expand broadband options for City residents. Metronet—which already serves nearby cities, says construction will begin in the spring of 2023, with the first customers connected as early as fall of 2023.

Published: Friday, December 16, 2022 by CTC Technology & Energy