CITE Web-Based Courses Offered for ITS Professionals Hosted by Our Lead Network Engineer

The Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE) will once again offer Matthew DeHaven’s courses for ITS professionals in their curriculum. The two courses are managed by the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) and are offered at the University of Maryland.

Matthew DeHaven is CTC Technology & Energy’s lead network engineer and subject-matter expert specializing in wired and wireless communications. From his 13 years of extensive engineering experience designing, developing, installing, and overseeing integration of local and wide area networks for ITS applications, Matthew DeHaven has returned to CITE to bring his hands-on networking experience to two courses:

  1. Telecommunications and Network Fundamentals
  2. Network Design and Deployment Consideration for ITS Managers and Professionals

These “blended courses” include online content in combination with interactive seminars authored and hosted by Mr. DeHaven. The focus of these courses are to provide ITS professionals with a broad overview of telecommunications and networking – with a focus on practical application to the ITS realm.

Telecommunications and Network Fundamentals introduces ITS professionals, with little or no training, the basics of telecommunication terminology and information on how to send data, voice, and video between devices. The course is offered from February through March 2014 and registration is now open.

Network Design and Deployment Consideration for ITS Managers and Professionals provides a system-level understanding of modern broadband transportation communications networks. Essentially, this course is for ITS managers and professionals who need to plan and implement telecommunications networks to support a major ITS infrastructure. Registration for the April through May 2014 schedule is now open.

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Published: Monday, January 27, 2014 by CTC Technology & Energy