Shawn Thompson, Vice President for Analytics

Shawn Thompson is a recognized expert in distributed antenna systems (DAS). He has overseen the design and implementation of more than 1,000 DAS networks nationwide, and has advised wireless carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T in solving their indoor and outdoor coverage and capacity needs. Among his recent client engagements, Shawn led the CTC team that designed neutral-host DAS networks to enable local governments to use their fiber to distribute wireless signals. He serves as the project manager for CTC’s wireless siting team. He has also worked with local governments to develop programs for installing commercial, public safety, and Wi-Fi wireless systems in their key facilities. In addition, he has developed pole attachment policies for electric utilities seeking to support wireless deployment, and has developed assessments and strategies for wireless coverage on college campuses.

Prior to joining CTC, Shawn was Co-Founder and CEO of In-Building-Wireless until he orchestrated its sale to Henkels & McCoy in 2011. Shawn then joined Henkels & McCoy as a manager of engineering and design, and subsequently director of the wireless division. He oversaw the successful growth of major wireless business ventures, and managed team engineering and design efforts.