Mitch Hergett, Director of Outside Plant Services

Mitch Hergett is a staff engineer and provides ongoing program-level support to many of CTC’s public networking projects. Mitch assists with project progress tracking and reporting. He documents any program scope changes or alternations to construction plans and meets with project stakeholders to provide updated reports and resolve any potential conflicts. Mitch also provides direct support to clients in the form of training staff and drafting operation manuals.

His work involves project management and engineering analysis. He is an experienced communications engineer who assists in the evaluation of broadband (video, voice, and data) telecommunications networks and analysis of broadband technology. He also provides specialized assistance in the design of broadband networks for institutional uses.

He helps to manage the CTC outside plant engineering team on various engineering projects (e.g., Holly Springs, North Carolina; Westminster and Anne Arundel Counties, Maryland); he provides project oversight to ensure that the OSP engineers are complying with project standards, meeting project timelines, and provides the engineers with essential project information. Mitch performs quality control on the engineering work product, and coordinates with permitting agencies and subcontractors.

He currently provides project management services and engineering support for Anne Arundel County’s Office of Information Technology, and works closely with County staff to ensure projects are designed to meet the County’s requirements and that they are constructed within acceptable budget and timeline.

Mitch also supports the National Capitol Region (NCR) interoperable public safety communications network, which interconnects 19 jurisdictions around and including Washington, D.C. He has created process engineering deliverables, including a detailed satellite phone user manual; a testing procedure to ensure equipment functionality and operator competence for multi-jurisdictional emergency satellite phone calls; and a detailed analysis of discrepancies between the processes presented and processes actually used by the network’s service-level agreement (SLA) maintenance vendor. Mitch also oversees the network’s video teleconference (VTC) training course and budget, and provides Tier 1 technical support for the VTC systems.