State of New York Sets a $1 Billion Bar for Broadband

Kudos to the State of New York on the announcement of an incredible initiative to ensure that every resident has access to broadband within five years. Gov. Cuomo’s $500 million “New NY Broadband Program” will offer 1:1 matches (meaning the program will pump $1 billion or more into broadband development) to private sector providers who deliver at least 100 Mbps service.

New York is setting a fantastic precedent for how states can work with localities and the private sector to enable new partnerships and develop needed broadband infrastructure. Gov. Cuomo’s well-designed program will give funding priority to providers who deliver the highest speeds at the lowest prices, and will look to the state’s Regional Economic Development Councils for local input on maximizing the program’s benefits.

This new program makes a bold commitment to the idea that no community and no residents should be left behind. Everyone deserves big bandwidth—not just modest connections, but true next-generation broadband.

Published: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 by CTC Technology & Energy