Patrick Mulhearn, Principal Analyst & Director of Broadband Policy

Patrick Mulhearn’s extensive background in local government has provided numerous opportunities for him to explore and develop novel solutions to the sorts of problems smaller agencies face while navigating the complicated interface between Federal and State regulatory schemes. Whether facilitating the development of broadband infrastructure in public rights-of-way or writing new wireless facilities siting policies to promote rural data-infrastructure development, he has worked with parties ranging from neighborhood groups to global internet service providers to develop strategies to help narrow the digital divide.

In the course of his work, Patrick has briefed Congress on rural broadband infrastructure and the need for local government voices in Federal telecommunications strategy. He has also presented to the California Emerging Technology Fund on model broadband policies for local governments and has advocated at the California Public Utilities Commission for broadband infrastructure projects.  He is a recognized leader in local government broadband policy and has advised local government elected officials on the scope and nature of their authority regarding telecommunications facilities.

Patrick has broad experience in non-profit and public governance and has served on multiple boards and public commissions. As a former public official, he has personal experience in managing multiple constituencies’ expectations and dealing with politically fraught issues.

He contributed to Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s Bridging the Gap: 21st Century Wireless Telecommunications Handbook and writes a regular column on local government issues for the American Society of Public Administration’s PA Times.