Heather Mills, Vice President for Grant & Funding Strategies

Heather Mills leads CTC’s Grant & Funding Strategies Team. She works with clients to identify, strategize, apply for, and comply with the requirements of major federal broadband funding programs. Heather has particular expertise in the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program and Healthcare Connect Fund, and supports clients with grant and loan applications to the USDA Rural Utilities Service (ReConnect and Community Connect programs), the Appalachian Regional Commission, and the Economic Development Administration. She has also worked with clients to navigate New Market Tax Credits. Additionally, she has prepared clients’ FirstNet grant applications. Heather’s team also provides grant management services to help maximize the benefits of grants.

Heather has worked with E-Rate applicants (schools, libraries, consortia) and public sector/non-profit providers that require training, strategic guidance, and support developing and evaluating RFPs. She also advises on RFP responses, reviews filings, and oversees market research. She prepared a guidebook for non-profit and municipal providers to help navigate the process of becoming an E-Rate provider. Additionally, she has worked with clients as they navigate post-award processes including funding decision appeals.

Heather works closely with the CTC team that supports clients on wireless facility siting application reviews. She provides program management and staffing solutions for the team as well as advising on internal management processes.

In addition to her client-facing roles, Heather is CTC’s Director of Operations. She oversees the firm’s administrative operations, including billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, contracts, and compliance.

Prior to joining CTC, Heather spent several years managing the office of a boutique law firm in the District of Columbia. She has a decade of experience managing and advising local and statewide political campaigns, has managed public education campaigns for non-profit organizations, and has managed two small private grant-making foundations. Heather holds graduate degrees in Political Science and Management.